Whitstone church


There are wonderful views from Whitstone church as it is set on the side of a hill, below the village (accessible only on foot). It is dedicated to St Anne, the mother of the BVM.

Entering by the lych gate, one is encouraged to start with a visit to the ancient St Anne’s well. This, we are assured, is actually ancient despite the much later stonework surrounding it.

A small head peeps out above the central niche. This is thought to be pre-Christian in origin.

Whitstone: St Anne’s well

We found the church closed – on a Sunday – with no indication where a key might be found. It therefore enters our Hall of Shame.

We settled down to have a picnic, thankful for a charming low table tomb which felt like a miniature version of Aslan’s table.

One small feature that we could see was a small squint in the porch which allowed one to view into the south aisle. This looked remarkably C19 in style and seemed quite a good addition to any church, especially if one was arriving after a service had started.

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