St Enoder church

St Enoder 21St Enoder stands in a churchtown close to the modern A30, a proximity that does nothing for the peace of the churchyard where there is a constant roar of traffic.

It is stately church with battlements that echo places like Breage. A tiny staircase door in the porch hints at the double-height porch.

It is stately inside too: light and white-painted with two aisles, a nave and north transept. A helpful diagram shows the development sequence of the whole which is characteristic of most Cornish churches, from small nave and chancel to the addition of transepts and aisles until the money ran out.

St Enoder 07The south aisle betrays this succession with the south chancel being slightly different in scale to the south aisle which was built on the line of the former transept. The aisle itself sporting a wagon roof and the chancel a wind-braced one.

The northern Lady chapel is charming for its lightness with a tall plain-glass perpendicular window. A small peculiarity here is the piscina complete with radiator.

We noted:

  • The simple circular Norman font
  • The re-used bench ends
  • A wonderful slate memorial to Dorothy Tanner d1634, kneeling with her two children

Outside in the churchyard is a small medieval cross. Four indentations can just be made out either side of the cross arms which is relatively rare.

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