Mawgan in Meneage church

Mawgan 01St Mawgan (St Marwenne) is a fine church standing in its lann beside the ‘main’ road into the Meneage (area of monasteries).

It shows many of the characteristics of its neighbours: a nave with a single aisle and balancing transept; a lovely wagon roof running the full length of the nave and chancel; an angled squint from the south transept and some fine woodwork and simple carving. A particular delight, seen elsewhere, is the ‘cat/dog/chicken flap’ in the entrance door.

Mawgan 07A couple of monuments stand out. That to crusader Roger Carminow d1308 and his wife, is tucked into a corner of the south transept having been moved from elsewhere. Poor couple, they are hidden behind a modern banner where they can be forgotten.

There is also a charming brass with the epitaph: ‘Shall we all dye/We shall dye all/All dye shall wee/Dye all we shall’. Profound stuff.

Outside, there is a small church house which is unremarked in the books but is clearly related.

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