Madron church

Madron 06You know the feeling: you turn up at a church about which you have heard great things only to find that, on a Tuesday at the end of June, it is closed. A key may apparently be obtained from the ‘Rectory’ with no indication where this is to be found.

So Madron gets added to the amber list of shame (amber because it did at least have a notice saying that it is open for four hours a week).

Madron 01Simon Jenkins, can I put in plea for it to lose its star?

We can tell you that it has three aisles, two porches – one very fancy, one plain – and a tall C14 tower. And at least we could see a nice cross and a cross-head in the churchyard.

You will have to wait for a fuller description until we can manage to visit during the meagre two hours a day that we are allowed: Fridays and Saturdays 10-12 all year round and Tues-Thurs 2-4 July-September.

Madron 03