Lanlivery church

Lanlivery 09St Brevita (or Pevsner’s preference, St Bryvyta) is well-positioned in the little village of Lanlivery and is tall by Cornish standards.

Its most dominating and interesting feature is its tower, which is said to be the third tallest in Cornwall, helped by some tall pinnacles which can be spotted from afar, poking above the trees.

The structure is familiar: a single nave and south aisle with a north transept now used as a general junk area.

Lanlivery 04Inside, the church has undergone a significant recent restoration which may have tidied it up but has removed some of the historic feeling. The red chairs, for instance, seem almost out of place even if they did replace C19 pews. The light apricot walls are also unusual.

The south aisle retains the feel of a wagon roof with some sensitively restored carved woodwork.

Lanlivery 13There is a massive C12 font in the Fowey style and a rather lovely slate memorial to Jane Kendall d 1643.

To return to the C15 tower, close examination makes it feel as though the lower two stages were completed at an earlier date than the top one. The buttresses cease at this level and there is an awkward transition to the top stage, cleverly disguised by some charming carvings of lions and faces.

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