Lanhydrock church

Lanhydrock 24

The church of St Hydroc stands close to the great house, surrounded by some wonderful gardens (NT). Although ostensibly the parish church of the area, appears to have been effectively the private church of the estate and no doubt its workers.  As such, it has ‘suffered’ fairly constant attentions during the C19 culminating in a major restoration of 1886-9.

Lanhydrock 16
Lanhydrock: the nave

As befits its use, it is not large but the restoration has destroyed the intimate feel that most small Cornish churches exude. Thankfully, the restoration did not involve lots of darkening Victorian glass.

The reredos – a Last Supper – is well carved in marble and clearly C19.

There are several notable monuments:

Lanhydrock 11
Lanhydrock: the Agar Robartes monument
  • George d1599 and Jane d1609 Carminow
  • Lady Essex Speccot d1689
  • Thomas Agar Robartes, the last son of the house who was killed in WW I, interestingly, consisting of three separate elements

The axis of the tower is notably off line with the that of the chancel which is surprising given the history of the church.

A fine Latin cross stands rather drunkenly outside the porch. This was restored and re-erected in in the C19. Close by in the gardens is the well of St Hydroc, a useful place from which Victorian gardeners could draw water.

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