Lamorran church


It is hard to find St Moran’s church for it is hidden away on the side of a muddy creek somewhere deep in Lord Falmouth’s land on the Roseland. It is unclear why it is even there for St Michael Penkevil and Ruan Lanihorne churches are barely a couple of miles away.

There is not much to see: simply a small cruciform structure with what must be a very short nave and large transepts. It was re-dedicated in 1261 and restored under the guidance of William White in 1854.

The church itself was locked when we visited with no sign where the key might be found and so it enters the Hall of Shame.

Lamorran: the bell tower (2nd storey)

The main external attraction is the detached bell tower. Unlike others in the area (Feock and Mylor), the tower does not appear large. Although two storey, the fall of the hill puts the bell chamber at the same level as the church and so one can look in through a grill at a large bell hanging from its massive wooden stock.

Alongside the church there is a fine gothic cross which once had a foliated head.

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