Gulval church

Gulval 02This is another church that enters our hall of shame for it was locked and there was no sign indicating this, or where one might find the key. Is it a coincidence that it is in the same parish as Madron?

The churchyard is certainly verdant. One area was one of the most over-grown sections of any that we have seen while the area along the south wall had clearly been planted by someone with flair.

Gulval 06Alongside the porch was a display of carved stone which included a section of window tracery, an inscribed stone set upside down, and the remains of a lantern crosshead set on a large stone with more carving.

The porch is apparently constructed of re-used arcades from the south aisle which does not bode well, especially in the light of Henderson’s comment that ‘its interest and antiquity have fled before the invading forces of modern munificence’. Ouch!

One day we will get inside.