Gorran Haven church

Gorran Haven 01The tiny church of St Just is well worth a visit. It is surely the smallest we have visited so far with space for only 44 people.

It squeezes into a gap between the houses, on a steep lane, overlooking a wide sandy beach.

It has a fascinating history having started as a chapel of ease for Gorran, it eventually became redundant. It was used for years by fishermen for storing their nets and became roofless before being taken over by Congregationalists. In the early C19 it was brought back into use by the CoE, repaired in the middle of the C19, and then restored under the tender hand of J P St Aubyn in 1885.

It is licensed for services and baptisms only. Weddings have since been held there by special licence (think of the cost saving in being able to say that only 44 guests can attend!).

Gorran Haven 03Inside it is very simple: no more than an open rectangular space with rough walls against which one can almost imagine the fishermen’s nets being stacked.

A fine south door is out of all proportion to the alley into which it leads.

A final delight of this tiny church is the guidebook which, at 21 pages, would shame many larger churches for its quality and thoroughness.

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