Gorran church

Gorran 01Gorran church is described by Charles Henderson as a ‘beautiful and stately building’. He was having a good day given his description of some of J P St Aubyn’s other restorations.

It is certainly well-proportioned and well-sited with an imposing three-stage C15 or C16 tower.

The porch is embattled and pinnacled with a refreshing sign saying ‘Church open’.

Inside, the space is fresh thanks, as usual, to the lack of obscuring Victorian glass and white-painted walls. There is the ‘usual’ St Aubyn arch-braced roof.

There are two main delights: the font and the re-purposed C15 bench ends.

Gorran 10The font is Norman in the Bodmin style with four columns supporting a square bowl with charmingly nosey faces at each corner.

The 53 bench-ends which have been re-fixed to the Victorian pitch pine pews in the characteristic way. This is an elegant solution despite the contrast between the two materials. A complete two-seater bench survives at the west end.

One final small modern delight – or rather four delights – are the elegant angels holding candles standing on the cill of the east window.

Also look out for:

  • St Goran’s chair in the Lady chapel
  • The ‘Lady of Brammel’ replica – rather dull – brass
  • The foot-scraper outside the porch. J P St Aubyn was here in 1890-95

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