Cubert church

Cubert 12St Cubert has a spire with drop shoulders which is reminiscent of a church of France or Sussex. This is thanks to the work of G E Street, that avid Victorian restorer.

Although there is a porch, this is on the south side and appears not to be used, the nearest door to the village being on the south side.

The church consists of what are effectively two naves of equal length, with familiar Cornish wagon roofs (the main nave’s has been boxed in for part of its length), and two non-matching transepts. In practice, the south aisle seems to be used as a lady chapel.

Cubert 02The interior walls are of rough stone and not in a great state giving the church a rugged sincerity and simplicity. We noted that someone is keen on growing plants in the church which was novel.

Look out for the C17 memorial to one Arthur Lawrence, which has an unusual typography. There is a charming typo as to whether he was, or was not, of gentle birth or descent. Also look out for the many monuments to the Hosken family who seem to have been particularly prolific.

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