Cornelly church

Cornelly 06St Cornelius is one of those tiny churches which is completely off the beaten track, just outside Tregony. It was once the church for Trewarthenick, the big house below it in the valley.

The write up boded well: a ‘charmingly diminutive’ body; ‘what a typical C13 Cornish church was like …’ but alas and alack, it was locked and there was no indication where to find the key. It goes straight into the hall of shame despite the sweetness of the exterior and its position.

Cornelly 02We were able to admire the tiny tower which must surely be the smallest in Cornwall – even smaller than Mylor’s – which leans at an interesting angle.  We could also see that the church consists of a single nave with a short north aisle which looks more like as northern chancel and which, according to the books, is the Gregor/Trewarthenick aisle.

We contented ourselves admiring the surroundings and identifying Wall pennywort, making a mental note to seek it out when we had a cut or chilblain.

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