Come to Good Meeting House

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAYes, we know that this does not fit any of our criteria and, as a Quaker Meeting House, is not even Anglican but we cannot resist including it for its charm, serenity and sheer joy.  It is a wonderful relief from Victorian over-restoration in some of the churches we have visited.

Built in the early years of the C18, it is a place of great simplicity: a rough floor, simple hard and unstable benches, shuttered windows and a colony of spiders which, one feels sure, are descendants of generations of peace-loving arachnids. The thatch was restored recently and we hope that they treated the spiders with the same respect that bats are accorded.

Come to Good 15It is not entirely clear from the interior how the space works. There is a raised bench which seats three or four people and a balcony. Every other seat seems equal.

There is a covered space to stable your horse at one end of the building, and a mounting block alongside.

Peace. And the name of the hamlet is so appropriate.

Only one star, Mr Jenkins? You are hard to please. Just because it does not have High Victorian restoration or very ancient arcading …

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