Budock church

Budock 05St Budock stands alone in its own tiny churchtown- more a farm really – in amongst some trees. It is on a hill above Falmouth for which it was the mother church until that town started developing and got illusions of grandeur of its own. Locals continue to fight for a green belt between the two.

From the outside – cue rant about locked churches which have no signs as to where the key may be found or when they are open – everything looks well-cared for and tidy.

Budock 07The porch contains some good detail carved into solid granite while around the corner, a little vestry has been cunningly inserted between the south transept and chancel, sadly in a simple render which destroys the harmony.

A rich mauve paint is much in evidence in contrast to neighbouring Penryn’s red.

The main churchyard is much overgrown with its residents lying very close to each other. A little further off, the new cemetery would do justice a War Graves cemetery with serried ranks of immaculately spaced headstones.

The last delight is a little C19 slate-hung vestry building which also sports the mauve paint.

Wednesdays, we were informed: a volunteer opens it on Wednesdays. And precisely how were we meant to know that? All we found were signs for safeguarding of children.