Wendron crosses

The parish of Wendron is well-supplied with crosses. Four of these are in or around the church.

Wendron 23
Wendron: the belfry cross

The belfry cross was discovered built into the bell chamber of the church in 1939 and was moved outside by the vicar. Today it stands on the ground close to the tower, alongside a stone pillar disguising a water tap.

It is similar on both sides. There are suggestions that it was once used to mark the limits of part of the glebe. Other crosses, since lost, were mentioned in a document.

Wendron 02
Wendron: churchyard cross

The second cross is a delight: a four-holed cross with bosses which stands just outside the church porch.

This was found in the churchyard c1866. It is the only cross in Cornwall to have five bosses.

Squinting at the cross one’s imagination can see the long face of a faintly piratical cartoon character with two eyes, one of which is winking, a large bulbous nose and a mouth with rings at the margin. Not a man to be trifled with had you sinned and were on your way into the church although he will have seen, or done worse than you.

Wendron 15
Wendron: the Boderwennack and Treloquithack crossheads with an early bowl.

Inside the church are two much earlier crossheads which sit on a windowsill. Both have very simple crosses inscribed on them.

The smaller, known as the Boderwennack cross-head and the Treloquithack. Both are named after the location of their discoveries.

Their dates are unclear.

There is another cross in the garden of Trenethick Barton but this is inaccessible.

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