St Mawgan crosses

St Mawgan 04St Mawgan boasts one of the glories of Cornwall’s crosses: the late C15 gothic lantern cross which stands at the eastern end of the church. It is about 5ft (1.6m) tall. Considering its age, it is in excellent condition.

It is even thought to be in its original position although if it is, I can imagine there have been a few nervous moments as building work went on around it.

The Trinity is actually down to two participants as the Holy Ghost seems to be missing and the Annunciation looks a little more like a king and queen; until you work them out. The faces of the two bishops – one either side – are rather fun. They look rather tight-lipped and faintly disapproving of what is going on around them.

Also in the churchyard is the remains of a very ruined Latin wayside cross which came from somewhere in the middle of the neighbouring runway. A figure can just about be made out on its face.

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