St Sancreed holy well

Sancreed well is hidden away on a field boundary a few hundred metres from the church. Cross the road from the south porch and there is a little sign indicating the way.

It is a well cared for well with the usual collection of modern votive offerings hanging from the trees alongside. Cut stones and redundant iron fencing suggests that it has been managed over time; a tyre hanging from a tree that it is currently a meeting place for children.

Close by are the remains of a tiny chapel covered in vegetation and a modern cross which bears no explanatory inscription.

The online map of holy wells recommends a ‘three wells walk taking in Sancreed well, Madron well and Carn Euny well.

As we approached the well, the sound of singing could be heard and a lady emerged from around the bush, apologising for the noise. ‘I am a healer, obviously’ she said, as though this was obvious from her singing, ‘I have just said a blessing as I had a few minutes to spare before picking up my daughter from school. Tomorrow I shall be visiting Boscawen-un.’ Being British, we were unable to think of a suitable response and contented ourselves by suggesting an access route for the stone circle. We continued onwards to investigate the well.

A journey through the landscape and history of Cornwall

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