Carn Euny fogou

Carn euny entranceCarn Euny is the most unusual fogou of the survivors as it contains a large circular corbelled chamber to one side of the main passage. This opens new possibilities for the use of fogous. Only at Boden is there even a hint that a similar structure might have existed elsewhere.

The fogous at Carn Euny and Chysauster are the only two with the remains of extensive communities still in existence. The one at Chysauster is rather more on the edge of the Iron Age ‘village’ than at Carn Euny. Both are great places to visit as there are the remains of any courtyard houses to unscramble but sadly Chysauster’s fogou has been filled up with sand to protect it.

Carn Euny has two main entrances, one at either end of the main passage.

Both can get pretty wet and so do remember your boots on a wet day or if it has been raining recently.

The main passage is wide and high enough for most people to stand.

Although there is a short creep passage, there are no signs of the usual defensive features such as constrictions, arches and stumble steps. This, with the presence of the large chamber suggest uses for ritual or storage more likely for this fogou.

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