Boden fogou

Boden fogou lies in a field on the the crest of a hill at the 77m contour with magnificent views eastwards. It is sadly decayed consisting of about 4m of open ditch associated with a former well. There are two quartz pillars at the entrance to the passage which is 1.4m wide with shillet walls. The orientation is to the south.

The fogou is in a small patch of unkempt grass on the side of a field. Hauntingly, the fogous was originally identified as being close to an apple tree. For how many generations had apples been growing here?

Alongside is a metal cover over a collapsed part of the fogou, easily mistaken as the remains of a former well.

The fogou seen from the entrance point. It is difficult to interpret the two quartz portal stones. This might be the ‘squeeze point’ half way down the passage or the portal stones themselves

The shillet walls are in good condition and the inner end of the passage appears to twist around to the east, pointing towards the well.

The southern end is decayed and littered with stones which might have been capping stones

The Cornwall County Council website shows a picture of the site during excavation, demonstrating the litter at the southern end

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