A fogou list

There are four fogous which survive close to their original shape:

  • Halligye (713254) on the Trelowarren estate near Garras is the largest and best preserved. This is the cathedral of them all
  • Carn Euny (402289) near Sancreed is situated in an Iron Age village. This contains a unique circular corbelled chamber off to one side of the fogou
  • Pendeen vau (384355) close to Cape Cornwall. This is in a farmyard alongside the house in which noted antiquarian William Borlase lived. One hopes that it was the inspiration for his interest in archaeology rather than a folly constructed at his request
  • Boleigh (437252) near St Buryan. This is similar in size to Pendeen

Four are severely damaged but retain enough detail to be worth a visit:

  • Piskey Hall (728300) or Trewardreva
  • Lower Boscaswell (377348) just outside Pendeen. This is sadly decayed and only the main and side entrances survive
  • Boden (768240) close to Manaccan on the Lizard. This is an open channel with shillet side walls
  • Porthmeor (434371) near Gurnard’s Head is roofless. Like Carn Euny it is closely associated with a courtyard house

…  five which are partly or wholly destroyed:

  • Higher Bodinar (415320) near Newbridge, half way from Penzance to St Just which is simply a grassy depression
  • Chysauster (472350) in the hinterland north of Penzance. Sadly this has been backfilled by English Heritage for safety reasons
  • Castallack (452253) just outside Lamorna
  • Treveneague which was recorded in 1866. Its location was lost for many years but was identified by Time Team in 1995
  • A roofless fogou was discovered at Penhale Round, far to the east of the known limit of extant fogous, but this was destroyed in the building of a budget hotel

… and lastly, we reluctantly include:

A journey through the landscape and history of Cornwall

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