Church chatter

St Just IR 45
St Just in Roseland

We have set ourselves the task of exploring the historic Church of England churches in Cornwall.

Our main guides – of which only the first is still in print – are:

  • Simon Jenkins’ excellent book the 1,000 Best Churches in England which identifies what he sees as the ‘best’
  • Then there is Charles Henderson’s book – Cornish Church Guide and Parochial History of Cornwall which draws on old documents
  • Jo Mattingly’s book on Looking at Cornish Churches is worthy of study especially for her sample sequence of church building using Egloshayle
  • S V Daniell produced a small book for the Tor Mark Press called The Story of Cornwall Churches
  • Church guides which vary enormously in quality and accuracy
  • There is a series called Church Trails in Cornwall produced 1996-1999. There are 19 of these, each dealing with about ten churches. We find these rather good

As to websites. We find the diocese website pretty unhelpful. It links to A Church Near You which is poorly populated. The best source is the Cornwall Historic Churches Trust website which gives the history of some of the more important churches.

Why churches, you may ask: because they are the repositories of the history of our communities. We expand these thoughts here.

The list and a map of those we have visited is here.

Some of our comments and conclusions are in separate pages. We start with our Hall of Shame. This is a minor rant about locked and unwelcoming churches.

A journey through the landscape and history of Cornwall