Zennor quoit

Zennor quoit from the east

On our return from Bosporthennis, it was irresistible to stop at the Moomaid in the Field kiosk for some delicious home-made ice cream. But first, we needed to earn it. Zennor quoit lay on the ridge, somewhere just out of sight.

Finding a path up to the quoit took us a moment but the Moomaid people assured us that there was a path out of their field (half way up on the right hand side) and we followed an overgrown track (nice ripe blackberries) up to the ridge. There, in the distance, was a large white triangle beckoning us on. We made a mental note to explore the ridge at some future date to see if there is a path along it.

Zennor quoit from the west

Dating from the Neolithic and surviving despite attempts by farmers and others to borrow bits of stone, the quoit commands a wonderful wide view over a sea of bracken to the south. In the distance, the hills of Watch Croft and Carn Galver are plainly visible as is the engine house of the Ding Dong mine.

Zennor quoit from the North

The enormous 5.5m long capstone has long ago slipped turning what was once a large ‘table’ structure into a pyramidal shape. The entrance slabs are still in place and defy those entering from the east. Alongside are some C19 posts which were intended as the base of a shelter.

Legend has it that any stone removed from the quoit will make its way back overnight. We did not quite have enough room in our backpacks and returned to the Moomaid for delicious reward (we recommend the Shipwreck).

Find Moomaid in the field here and the quoit here.